Harlequin Gold: Want You More

The Vancouver-based sisterly duo impresses with a single from an imminent EP featuring tight harmonies, shifting dynamics, and deft production.

Harlequin Gold: Want You More

By Kerry Doole

Harlequin Gold - Want You More (Independent): This new Vancouver-based duo comprises sisters Elle and Avery O’Brien, and this is a new single from a debut EP,  Baby Blue, arriving on Sept. 27. 

Based on this track, the pair deals in modern pop-rock, and the sound has definite commercial potential. The vocal harmonies are tight, there are enough shifts in tone and tempo to hold your interest, and the production is crisp.

Lyrically, the song traces a dangerous relationship via lines like "You promised me the sun, But settled for the moon, Oh babe I’m burning up but you’re so cool."


The genesis of the group is a fascinating story, as a press bio notes: " A few years ago Elle and Avery were living very different lives, separated by thousands of miles - Avery travelling abroad, exploring and working across Asia and Australia, and Elle residing in Vancouver after getting a degree in Microbiology. The sisters were brought back together by a family tragedy, a motorbike accident leaving their brother in a coma, from which he has recovered.

"The experience brought the sisters closer together, and during this time of reflection and introspection Elle and Avery decided to pursue their passion for music together."

The EP was produced by Justice McLellan (Blue J/Mesa Luna), with contributions from Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons), John Raham (Dan Mangan, Frazey Ford) and Stephen Marcussen (Paul McCartney, Band of Horses).

Harlequin Gold made its Australian debut yesterday (Sept. 3) at the Big Sound Festival in Brisbane, and plays the Westward Music Festival in Vancouver on Sept. 14.






Publicity: Brendan Bourke, The Syndicate

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