The FYI Bulletin: Feb. 02, 2023

Bernie Fiedler’s Riverboat was the launchpad for an extraordinary career that has taken him around the world.

The FYI Bulletin: Feb. 02, 2023

By David Farrell

Bernie Fiedler’s Riverboat was the launchpad for an extraordinary career that has taken him around the world. These days he lives in semi-retirement but continues to work with Gordon Lightfoot, whom he has known since the days when Yorkville was a hub for kids poor in pocket and rich in dreams. He continues to maintain friendships with a wide array of artists who grew up in the era, including Joni Mitchell, whom he visited several weeks ago. And here’s the picture of the impresario with the one-time prairie girl at her villa in Los Angeles.

– Sarah McLachlan spoofs an earlier series of animal cruelty ads she narrated in a new 30-second Super Bowl commercial


“Busch Light shares my love of animals and the wilderness, so while it seems unexpected, this spot is a really clever and good-hearted mix of my passions and their brand,” McLachlan explains in a media release.

– Are you aware that Bryan Adams, BTO, the Guess Who and Steppenwolf share the dubious distinction of being ignored so far by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Ultimate Classic Rock counts 137 artists weirdly overlooked so far by the Hall. It’s a mind-boggling list.

– Mary Brown's chicken chain has teamed up with DJ Charlie B to promote emerging Canadian music mixers in a 10-part YouTube series. To enter, visit and submit your application by Feb. 10.

– Long-established Number 9 Audio recording studio in Toronto’s Cabbagetown district was severely damaged by fire in the Christmas season, and nowJason Steidman is organizing a fundraiser on behalf of owner George Rondina. Anyone wishing to get involved or donate can do so here on Steidman’s GoFundMe webpage.

– It’s been almost a decade since popular Newfoundland songsmith Ron Hynes was taken down by cancer, but his legacy remains strong–and particularly so with Sonny’s Dream, which has been recorded the world over and remains a favourite amongst Celtic artists. Here’s a recent version released as the first single from  Daoirí Farrell‘s upcoming fourth album, The Wedding Above In Glencree.


– Vector Management founders Ken Levitan and Jack Rovner confirm the appointment of Jason Murray as President of the artist management company. In his new role, Murray will oversee operations and new business. 

The owner and co-founder of Black Box Music—one of Canada’s top independent record labels and artist management companies—Murray will merge his company with Vector. He confirms his first management signing alongside Levitan is acclaimed country-blues singer-songwriter and guitarist Charley Crockett, whose latest album, The Man from Waco, ranked #2 on Rolling Stone’s Best Country and Americana Albums of 2022. Levitan and Rovner’s stable of artists they have helped include T Bone Burnett, John Hiatt, and Emmylou Harris. Murray’s successes include launching the career of award-winning rock band The Glorious Sons and helping shepherd the breakout of Juno winner JJ Wilde. 

– Celebrity Access reports that the Department of Homeland Security has proposed rate increases that would make touring in the United States for international artists significantly more expensive.


– Some interesting chart research strongly suggests solo artists rule and bands are the weak link to fame on popular countdowns.

– The UN reports that the ‘creative economy’ is projected to reach a global valuation of $985 billion by 2023 and could represent 10% of global GDP before 2030. 

Business Name Generator has ranked 50 cities based on a range of metrics:

  • Estimated number of ‘creative’ roles available 

  • Average yearly salaries advertised for them

  • Cost of living as a single person excluding rent

  • Number of museums and art galleries

  • Number of green spaces


  • Number of classes and workshops

  • Happiness score by country

Of the top 10 best cities for creatives, Tokyo ranks #1, with London, Paris, Chicago and Toronto placing 2-5.

– A doc about the vinyl renaissance shot in Toronto: Bay of Quinte couple Aaron and Angela Bell created the Lot48 Film Co. in 2016 and subsequently have released a small collection of docs, including Vinyl Revolution.

From the same creative, a series entitled My First Guitar that includes Randy Bachman, Ewan Currie, and Colin James.

And our readers write:

Sean Passmore

I found an extremely interesting article from FYI while I was doing some Googling of John Lennon’s press conference at the Ontario Science Centre in 1969. I believe the headline to the article was something along the lines of John Lennon inspires Canada’s first rap song 50 years ago. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative article; however, I just wanted to bring to your attention that the timeline in the article is somewhat skewed. The article says Lennon “returned” to Toronto for the Rock & Roll Revival in September 1969 when, in fact, the rap song by the Toronto cast of Hair begging Lennon to return to Toronto was created after his December 1969 press conference at the Ontario Science Centre.

Other than that, one detail the article is a wonderful piece shedding light on a Canadian Lennon happening that seems to be mostly forgotten these days. Thank you for your consideration.



Canadian Hot 100: la Montréalaise Zeina se classe dans le palmarès avec «Hooked»

N°88 du classement de cette semaine, le single accrocheur interpole un classique de l'an 2000 du chanteur canadien Shawn Desman, tandis que Karan Aujla a également une nouvelle entrée dans les classements cette semaine avec Goin' Off.

Une chanteuse émergente fait ses débuts dans le Billboard Canadian Hot 100 de cette semaine avec un retour à la pop canadienne classique.

La Montréalaise Zeina est devenue virale sur les réseaux sociaux et a pris de l'ampleur à la radio plus tôt cette année avec Hooked. Aujourd'hui, le morceau a atterri à la 88e place du classement, après la sortie en avril du LP Eastend Confessions.

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