Arkells: Only For A Moment

This new single from the Hamilton band's upcoming album, Rally Cry, reflects upon a karaoke-boosted respite from dark times. Another winner from a group whose moment is now.

Arkells: Only For A Moment

By Kerry Doole

Arkells - "Only For A Moment" (UMC). This is the third song to be made available from Rally Cry, the keenly-awaited new album from the Hamilton rock heroes, following on from "Relentless" and "People's Champ."

In a label press release, Arkells mainman Max Kerman explains the new single's origins: "There’s a line in our tune 'Come To Light,' 'The underpass would keep us from harm.' It’s that moment when you’re driving through a rainstorm, and you have a second of respite from the chaos outside. I find myself writing and thinking about those moments of calm, and how important they can be. 


"'Only For A Moment' is an extension of that idea. My friend’s mom was struggling with some oppressive mental health issues. It was tough for everyone in her family. But there was a moment we were out one night, where my friend seemed to leave the trouble behind - just for an hour - and could just enjoy her life. The stress in her face seemed to disappear. And I was happy she could have that." 

The message is conveyed effectively on this mid-tempo tune, with lines like "at karaoke we were trading each verse" painting a picture of light being wrestled from the darkness. This line inspired Arkells to surprise fans with an appearance at a Toronto karaoke bar on Wednesday night, featuring a raucous acoustic performance of new favourites.

That's just another example of the way this band has built a loyal fan base expected to grow exponentially with the new record.

Arkells play US dates Oct. 12 to Nov. 12, followed by shows in Germany and the UK.






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