​​​​​​​TR/ST: Colossal

The critically acclaimed project of electronica artist Robert Alfons releases a new album today. This new single features rumbling bass and swirling synths on a cut that lives up to its title.

​​​​​​​TR/ST: Colossal

By Kerry Doole

TR/ST -  "Colossal" (Royal Mountain Records): Electronica artist Robert Alfons, aka TR/ST, releases a new album, The Destroyer - 1, today (April 19), with a sequel promised in November. The new single “Colossal” is the fourth taken from from the full-length, and it is another winner.  

Alfons' sound fuses electronica, industrial and dream-pop elements to compelling effect, and "Colossal" is a prime example. Rumbling bass and swirling synths combine on a track that lives up to its title.

The song was co-written & co-produced by TR/ST's frequent collaborator Maya Postepski. Talking about the track, Alfons says in a press release: “Such a special collab with Maya, we wrote it together while in different parts of the world. This song was written during long walks I would take in the middle of the night around the hills in my neighborhood, watching the mist rise as the sun came up.” 


Maya adds, “I was coming home on the train with my music on random when a TR/ST song came on from the first album we made. I started crying. It brought back so many memories. I sent Robert the sketches for ‘Colossal’ that night. He wrote back, and we rekindled our relationship, so I find it deeply emotional every time I hear it. Had I not taken the chance and sent it who knows if we would be working together again. Overcoming fear and being brave have become the focus of my work and this song underlines that — if one is willing to look into the lion’s mouth the rewards can be astounding.”  

The Destroyer is TR/ST's much anticipated third album. It follows two previous records, 2012's self-titled release and 2014's Joyland.  In the five years since releasing Joyland, Alfons wrote and recorded songs in a farmhouse in southern Ontario and in Los Angeles—where he has relocated—and worked with an all-star cast of collaborators, including co-producers Lars Stalfors and Damian Taylor, to refine the album’s sound. 

Alfons will follow the release of both parts of The Destroyer with U.S. and international tour dates throughout 2019. Many of the shows are already sold out. He plays a CMW show at Toronto's The Phoenix on April 26, followed by Theatre Corona in Montreal on April 27.







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