Prism Prize Eligible Videos: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrate International Women’s Day with us by supporting and applauding female-identifying persons in the Canadian music video in

Prism Prize Eligible Videos: Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Celebrate International Women’s Day with us by supporting and applauding female-identifying persons in the Canadian music video industry. The five female-identifying recording artists highlighted below have had their music featured in TV series and commercials, and some have even won or been nominated for Juno or Grammy Awards. As these artists grow they continue to push boundaries to have their voices heard in the music industry. Watch the powerful, beautiful, and artistic music videos below and help us uplift these talented female-identifying recording artists. 

Jessie Reyez - Mutual Friend  

Jessie Reyez’s music video for Mutual Friend is beautiful and showcases raw emotion. Set in a darkly lit house, Jessie and the dancers dance to the powerful lyrics of the song. This video has many stunning shots, but the ones that steal the scene are of Jessie laying in a bed surrounded by flowers. 



Director: Peter Huang

Creative Director: Jessie Reyez

Producer: Jeff So

Production Company: Fela

Saya Gray - If There's No Seat In The Sky (Will You Forgive Me???)

Music Video Production Project round 6 recipient Saya Gray’s music video for If There's No Seat In The Sky (Will You Forgive Me???) is beautifully strange. This video is full of surreal mise-en-scenes that were inspired by classic Japanese cinema. Opting for barely any bright colours, the colour palette sticks to neutrals, which creates this understated yet strong feel to the video.


Director/ Jennifer Cheng

Director of Photography/ Jonathan Glendon

Steadicam Operator/ Julian Lomaga

First AC/ Jonathan Bragagnolo

Second AC/ Alex Nunes

Gaffer+Board Op/ Liam Vanderploeg

Key Grip/ Tim Doughty

Swing/ Hayden Salter

Production Designer/ Riley Hunt

Art Director/ Jason Nyera

Art Assist/ Tom McMurtry

Stylist/ Sarah Vee

Hair+Make Up Artist/ Jess Sanchez

Production Company/ Breathe Entertainment 

Executive Producer/ Stephen Trivieri

Producer/ Scott McCuaig

Production Coordinator/ Devin Jones


Production Assistant/ Sebastian Nunes

Editor/ Callum Barnes

Colourist/ Adam Clarke

Studio/ AstroLab Studios

Camera/ Grande Camera

G+E/ 2D House

Insurance/ Marquee Insurance 

Special thanks to/ Adam Fujiki, Eric Lee, Lorraine Martin, Maegan Fidelino, Miryung Murata, Rick Koglin, Paul Murata, Takeko Murata, William Shields

This video was created thanks to the generous support of the MVP Project, a joint initiative of RBCxMusic and the Prism Prize (administered by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television).

Domanique Grant - Real Me

Domanique Grant’s music video for Real Me is set on an all-white soundstage with Domanique standing out in the middle. Throughout the video, we see dancers in bold red performing eye-catching choreography as Domanique sings the striking lyrics of her song. Despite a section of the video having colourful lights, the majority of it is on the white soundstage - keeping the focus on Domanique and her music throughout. 


Directed by Domanique Grant 

DOP: Alim Z Sabir

Creative Direction - Domanique Grant

Steady Cam Operator - Miha Matevzic 

1st AC - Teo 

2nd AC - Ben Williams 

Gaffer - Artur Vetstein 

Swing - Carson Lower 


 Creative Team 

Choreographer - Leon Blackwood

Assistant Choreographer - Jonathan Ponce 

Art Direction/ Set Design/ Props Meredith Wolting


Dancer- Amia Ogieva

Dancer- Shenice Nembhard

BTS Video- Dwayne Graham

BTS Photography - DQ



Makeup- Meeka Charles

Hair - Customized Beauty

Styling - Brenda Konwisarz

Nails (Dancers) - SheNailed It

Nails (Domanique) - Kim Nails

Shoes - Tip Drip Kicks

Bambii - Ride With Me

Bambii's music video for Ride With Me is such fun to watch. The video begins with two separate frames showing two women as they get ready for a night out. Each section has its own colour feel to it, one side has more blue tones while the other has green hues. At night, the two women meet up and the frames blend into one as the story goes on to show their fun and romantic night together. 



Directed by Kit Knows and BAMBII

Starring Evodie Derlie Michel and BAMBII

Edited by Nicolas Houghton

Director of Photography Scotty Watson 

Assisted by Chinelo Yasin and Nick Yim 

Colour by Ana Escorse 

VFX by Dequiera Atherton 

Special thanks to Kiké Otuije 

Ramona Vee - Jardin de Rosas

Ramona Vee’s music video for Jardin de Rosas is intimate and full of beautiful imagery. Acting as a love letter to women in her family, the viewer is let into Ramona’s family and gets to view some of their traditions and home videos. The intimate details of her family’s culture and religion add a very personal touch to the video. This paired with the way the light is manipulated to shine on certain elements creates a gorgeous dream-like effect. 


Little Monica - Skyler Corona

Mom - Guadalupe Arrieta

Dad - Sergio Paez

Director, Editor & Producer - Serville Poblete / @serville_ (IG) @servillepoblete (twitter)

Production Company - Slow Drip Studio / @slowdripstudio (IG & Twitter)

Cinematographer & Colourist - Morgana Mckenzie / @morganamckenzie

Production Designer - Chloe Chang / @groovyhuh

1st AD - Christy Kim / @cjdaze

Makeup and Hair - Alanna Fennell / @makeupxalun

Wardrobe - Chita Paez / @chitapaez

1st AC - Praven Yoganathan / @praven_firstac

Steadicam Op - Nhat Nguyen / @natw1n

Key grip - James Douglas Ho / @jamesdouglasho

Gaffer - Douglas Cunningham / @douglas.cunningham

Art assistant - Mila Radojevic / @milaradojevicc

Special Thanks to Ricardo Paez

Burton Cummings

Burton Cummings

Legal News

The Guess Who's Burton Cummings Will Give Up His Royalties to Stop Alleged 'Cover Band'

The Canadian musician has cancelled performing license agreements for all of his songs, which will prevent the act currently performing under The Guess Who name from playing hits like "American Woman" and "These Eyes."

Canadian musician Burton Cummings is giving up his royalties to protect his legacy.

The "American Woman" singer and co-founder of classic Winnipeg band The Guess Who has cancelled his performance license agreements, Rolling Stone reports, in an effort to prevent the current iteration of The Guess Who from performing.

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