​​​​​​​RealestK: Toxic

The alt-R&B cut features plaintive vocals atop sparse beats.

​​​​​​​RealestK: Toxic

By Kerry Doole

RealestK - Toxic (Sony Music Canada): This Toronto-based R&B singer-songwriter made a real splash in 2021, and it is full speed ahead into 2022 with this new track and video already racking up big numbers, including over 3 million views to date on TikTok.

RealestK is cited as an example of an artist cleverly using TikTok to launch his career (see Nick Krewen's new feature in FYI), and the track W.F.M. (short for Wait For Me) broke big on that platform last year, as well as notching 9.2M YouTube views. That single debuted at #75 on the Billboard Hot 100 and rose to #19 on the Apple Music US chart (#24 Global) and #51 on Spotify US chart (#73 Global).


Toxic follows the alt-R&B template closely, featuring keening vocals atop sparse and staccato beats. That formula worked well for The Weeknd early on, and RealestK seems to be following a similar path in keeping an air of secrecy around him. A moody video directed and edited by Zac Facts (NAV, Tory Lanez) is a fitting accompaniment, and at just 2.23 mins long, the cut stays short and sweet.

Signed to Sony Music after a rumoured bidding war, RealestK is just 17-years old. A bright future beckons.

Zac Facts - directed and edited video 




Publicity:  Jibril Osman, Sony Music

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