Prism Prize Eligible Videos: 5 Clips Highlighting Queer Stories 

5 Music Videos Highlighting Queer Stories 

Prism Prize Eligible Videos: 5 Clips Highlighting Queer Stories 

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5 Music Videos Highlighting Queer Stories 

It’s hard to deny the large impact that the LGBTQ+ community has on the music industry - from the rise of disco & dance music to their greater influence on makeup, costumes and pop culture as a whole. Nowadays, we see the creativity & talent of the LGBTQ+ community just about everywhere in mainstream culture, including in music videos. Celebrate this amazing community with us by watching these emotional and sensual music videos, which center on queer stories listed below. 

Kim Harris - Lavender

Set in a sea of lavender, the queer love story which unfolds in the music video for Lavender is truly touching. The clip follows two young women on their journey to falling in love. This round 7 MVP Project-funded video is soft and full of beautiful scenes of lavender fields that will surely enchant you. 



Production Company - Mirror Image Media 

CoDirectors - Meaghan Wright & Marie Wright 

DOP - Marie Wright 

Producers - Meaghan Wright and Ash Scriven 

Grip/Gaff - Chelsea Innes 

Drone - Meaghan Wright 

Production Assistants - Jessi Janes, Elyse Whitman 

Hair & Makeup - Emily Astrid Moore 

Photographer - Carolina Andrade 

Editor - Meaghan Wright 

Talent - Kim Harris and Olivia Fader

Created with support from Prism Prize and RBCxMusic MVP Project

Written by Kim Harris

Co-Produced by Daniel Ledwell and Kim Harris

Engineered and mixed by Daniel Ledwell at Echo Lake 

Mastered by J. Lapointe at Archive Mastering

LHM Records 2023

Vivek Shraya - Chapter 5: Good Luck (You're Fucked)  

Trans author and artist Vivek Shraya is the stunning voice behind the video for Chapter 5: Good Luck (You're Fucked). In this video, we see the bright light that is Vivek Shraya standing on a stage in the middle of a messy and somewhat dark theatre while she sings about living her best life in spite of the fragility of the male ego. The catchy tune of the song as well as Shraya’s choreography will make you want to jump through the screen and onto that stage to join her. 



Director: Gabriela Osio Vanden 

Creative Director: Vivek Shraya

Producer: Sara Linares Arbeláez 

Choreographer Rodney Diverlus

Dancers: Liana Lewis, Danah Rosales

Styling: Ariane Laezza

Hair and makeup: Alanna Chelmick

Production Manager: Danielle Tellier

Production Assistant: Alexia Dalla Rosa

Production Designer: R. Paarsalu-Parent

Art Director: Peri Greig

Set Dressers: Erica Burton, Vanessa Lanteigne, Daniel Lastres, Josh Rille

Cinematographer: Gabriela Osio Vanden 

First AC: Emily DeBackere

Second AC: Felipe Lopez

Daily Second AC: Adrian Crespo

Gaffer: Sam Holling

Grips: Ismail Ali, Nikolai Kaigorodtcev, Elfred Kim, Mahmoud Sarouji, Antoun Takla

Camera and Lenses furnished by KESLOW CAMERA, INC.

Editor: Oliver Whitfield-Smith

Colour: James Graham 

Typography and Design: Tim Singleton

Thank you: James Bunton, Adam Holman, Shemeena Shraya, Trish Yeo

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Laroie - Stuck Here 

The music video for Stuck Here is accompanied by a bewitching tune sung by singer-songwriter Gab Godon, who goes by Laroie. This video sees queer couples in harsh arguments throughout various sections of a house, with blurry and choppy slow-motion effects which add to the tense environment created. This video shows that both straight and queer couples can become victims of unhealthy behaviour and how disoriented one can become when questioning whether to leave or stay stuck in a toxic relationship. 


Directed by Maïlis 

Produced by Laroie

Cinematographer: Thomas Fontaine 

Starring: Laroie, Juliette Gariépy, Soukayna, Allan Lambert 

Production: Station Service 

Producer: Carolan Grégoire 

Art Director: Alexandre Lechasseur-Dubé

Styliste: Laroie

Hair & Makeup Ashley Diabo 

Colorist: Marting Gaumond

Kimmortal - This Dyke  


Kimmortal’s video for This Dyke is bold and does not shy away from expressing one's sexuality. The use of dark lighting and vivid red hues add a level of fearlessness to the claymation used in this video to represent Kimmortal and the person they want to ‘go all night’ with. This video, and the song it accompanies, is a provocative anthem for femmes, lesbians and the queer community to savour. 


Music video by @nofac3.binch 

Typeface: @kimmortaltheartist 

Production by: @kimmortaltheartist

Mentoring in song production:

Mixing & Sound FX: @helm__studios

Vocal recording at: @monarchstudios

Audio engineering by: @catpictures 

Mastering: @CPSMasteringStudioVancouver 

Video Funded by: @music_bc 

Production funded by: @creativebcs 

Release support: @takeaimmedia & @uwidomusic

Management team: @uwidomusic

Ralph - Scary Hot 

Ralph’s music video for Scary Hot is a pure temptation with velvety red tones, black leather clothing, sensual displays of affection and martinis. It truly encapsulates the title of the song and its lyrics, as we see queer couples kissing and touching as Ralph’s catchy synth-pop tune is playing. 


Directed by: Arden Grier

Produced by: Rosslyn Luke 

Production Manager: Jaimee Hall

Director of Photography: Tamara Santos

Edited by: Ralph

Finishing Editor: Matthieu Belanger

Lina Allemano
Courtesy Photo

Lina Allemano


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