Pony Girl: I Believe In Nothing

A satisfying slice of guitar-driven psychedelia.

Pony Girl: I Believe In Nothing

By Kerry Doole

Pony Girl - I Believe In Nothing  (Paper Bag Records): Described as an Ottawa-Hull-based art pop collective, Pony Girl announced his week that a new album, Laff It Off, will be released on Oct. 27, and a second advance track, I Believe in Nothing, has just come out.

In a label press release, Pony Girl explains, “I Believe In Nothing is a mantra for detachment, for releasing yourself of strong emotions, for taking control of your life. We hear that sense of freedom as careening guitars, synths rising, distortion and all. You can’t help but feel exaltation."


The track kicks off with an extended rock solid and riffy opening that grabs your attention before the male and female vocals kick in. A suitably fuzzy sound adds to the psychedelic feel, and the result is highly satisfying. The writing and arrangement of the song are credited to six members, but there's nothing cluttered about it. The colorful accompanying animated video was directed by Shiyi Li
Pony Girl won the FEQ Emerging Artist Award in 2016 for 'a high level of innovation and musicality…exceptional performance quality, and on-stage presence,' as well as two Capital Music Award wins (video + single) for 2022's Age of Anxious. A debut album, Show Me Your Fears, came out in 2013, followed by a sophomore effort, Foreign Life, in 2015 through their own label, So Sorry Records. A debut release for Paper Bag Records, Enny One Wil Love You, came out last year. 

The band plays at  Diving Bell Social Club in Montreal tonight (July 13) and at RBC Ottawa Bluesfest on July 14. 






Publicity: Julie Booth, Freshly Pressed PR