Media Beat, Dec. 16, 2021

By David Farrell

Jonathan Pie goes to COP 26 to get annoyed about climate change

Canadian digital audio listenership eclipsed radio in 2021

Canada's time spent with digital audio surpassed that of radio for the first time in 2021.

The gap will widen going forward. At 1 hour, 33 minutes a day on average in 2022, time spent with digital audio will be 8 minutes more than time spent with radio. The switch is related to a reduction in commuting, which has had a direct impact on terrestrial radio consumption.

Digital audio listeners will surpass 25 million in 2022. This includes users who stream music, digital audio, and podcasts. The number of podcast listeners has grown by double digits in the past few years as podcast networks have expanded, offering near-unlimited choices for even the most niche topics. An additional 900,000 listeners will join the ranks in 2022, and podcast listeners will represent over one-third of internet users for the first time. – Paul Briggs, eMarketer


7 words to stop using and what to say instead

Modifying your vocabulary always feels a little awkward at first. Luckily, there are plenty of words to choose from, and we happen to be experts in figuring out which ones to use. Here are seven words that people are rethinking in 2021, and what you can say instead. –

The shady deal that will cement Trump's power

Trump’s new media platform will be headed by rabid Trump follower, Rep. Devin Nunes, who announced he will be resigning from the U.S. Congress in order to take the position. Its first order of business will likely be to try and entice the 87 million Twitter users who followed Trump when he was president to join the new network, with the aim of attracting radical content and tens of millions of eyeballs for advertisers.

Step aside, Fox News, and forget about peace and quiet, because there’s a new game in town — a platform that will allow any extreme right-winger and radical organization to post whatever they like without risk of censorship. – Diane Francis, Financial Post


Jayda G
David Reiss

Jayda G


Fresh Sounds Canada: New Songs from Jayda G, Claudia Bouvette and More

This week's discovery roundup of new Canadian songs also includes Indigenous songwriter Celeigh Cardinal and Quebec acts KROY and Mon Doux Saigneur.

In Fresh Sounds Canada, Billboard Canada puts you on to the must-hear songs of the week by artists on the rise and those about to break. Here's what's out this week.

Jayda G, “If We Only Knew”

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