Kelland x Jay Isaiah - Lullaby

A happy hybrid of pulsing beats and soulful vocals.

Kelland x Jay Isaiah - Lullaby

By Kerry Doole

Kelland x Jay Isaiah - Lullaby (Physical Presents/Cadence Music Group): This new track, Kelland's third of the year, marks the first single off the songwriter/producer's upcoming project, due in 2022. Contributing to the song is popular R&B vocalist Jay Isaiah.

Lullaby is a happy hybrid of R&B and EDM styles, with Jay Isaiah’s soulful vocals skilfully placed atop Kelland's pulsing percussion-driven synths. The lyrics are touching ("sing you sweet songs til your eyelids close") and at just 2.25 in length, this is a short and sweet treat.

In a press release, Kelland explains that "Lullaby was written in the first 30 minutes of us (Kelland & Jay) first meeting each other in Toronto. Starting with only some chords and drums, we really clicked in terms of writing styles and workflow. We wanted to tell a story of the beginnings of a relationship and it's almost as if Jay is calling his partner on the way to their house. This track kicks off a new sound and direction for my project that I am so excited to share. My new project follows the beginning to the end of a relationship and the emotions and stories associated with those feelings." 


Isaiah adds "If we are the one of each other's dreams, why not be asleep so we can be together? That is basically what lullaby is, a different kind of feel-good record but nonetheless something that hits like crazy! Right down to the production and melodies and how well they blend together!"

Vancouver-based Kelland (Jonah Kelland Radu) is a songwriter and producer who, since emerging onto the music scene in 2018, has amassed over 15 million streams on his projects. Featured in Narcity’s 2020 Top 10 Canadian Artists to Watch, he has collaborated with the likes of Boslen, Turbo, Aria Ohlssen, Tails, and Snavs. Kelland’s recent 2021 artist releases tic tac toe with Tails and Lose Your Way with Snavs both peaked in the top 100 electronic and dance charts. He is now working alongside Physical Presents, composed of Felix Cartal and Shaun Frank, to release his debut EP, set for mid-2022.


Mississauga- based R&B/Hip-Hop artist Jay Isaiah gained almost 3 million streams on his single Stole My Love, and is also tipped as one to watch.

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PR: Erin Carroll, Cadence Music Group


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