Justin West


Secret City Records is one of the most emblematic independent record labels in Quebec. Patrick Watson, Daniel Bélanger, Suuns, Klô Pelgag, Flore Laurentienne, Antoine Corriveau and The Barr Brothers, are all part of the Montreal company founded in 2006 by Justin West, whose philosophy is focused on art and community. 2023 was a successful year for this vision, since Bibi Club, with their first album Le soleil et la mer, and Alexandra Stréliski, with Néo-Romance, shone on the long list of the Polaris Prize. The latter was also one of only two Canadian artists on the list of top-selling CDs in the country last year, and she was nominated for two Junos (Secret City artist Jeremy Dutcher was also nominated for Motewolonuwok). Stréliski won three Félix awards at the 45th ADISQ gala and Daniel Bélanger has five trophies. Justin West is also very active behind the scenes, as he recently joined the board of directors of Merlin, an international organization dedicated to securing the digital future of the independent music sector.