Margaret McGuffin


With publishing catalogues becoming an increasingly central market in the music industry, Music Publishers Canada and Margaret McGuffin are working to promote and protect songs and scores at home and internationally. The organization, which represents major and independent music publishers in Canada, is taking charge of pressing concerns in the industry, advocating for rights holders in the face of AI tools that rely on copyrighted material. The organization also works to create a more diverse industry: in 2019, McGuffin led the launch of Women in the Studio National Accelerator program, to address the gender gap in music production (in 2023, women produced just 6.5% of 1200 Hot 100 charting songs). McGuffin additionally spearheaded the new NXTGen membership program for music publishing professionals, as well as overseeing an annual Music Tech Summit and MPC’s CREATE trade missions to help connect Canadian music publishers with the global community.