Jonathan Simkin


Jonathan Simkin’s Simkin & Co. Law Corporation practice has led him into one of the most multifaceted careers in Canadian music and entertainment. He’s been legal representative for Nickelback for 30 years, and that band has had a busy year that’s included branching into headlining country festivals like Boots and Hearts and Coast City Country, an induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame and a theatrical documentary about their career, Hate to Love. “When the band is active, so is my law practice,” says Simkin. But his career is much more than that. 604 Records, the label he co-founded with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, is active from comedy (604’s Comedy Here Often? is about to go on a cross country tour) to work with Carly Rae Jepsen, Marianas Trench, and up-and-comer Mauvey, to a studio in Vancouver called 604 Studios, and an indie rock spinoff label, Light Organ Records. 604 is now one of the biggest independent record labels in Canada.