Gary Slaight


Gary Slaight has long been recognized as the Canadian music industry’s most important benefactor, and you’ll often see the Slaight name on initiatives and awards throughout the country. This follows careers at record labels, as a broadcasting executive, as a program director (Q-107, CKFM-FM) and in succeeding his father Allan Slaight as president and CEO of Standard Broadcasting, from 2000-2007. He is currently CEO of Slaight Communications and talent development company Slaight Music, a crucial partner in the Juno Awards, Polaris Music Prize, Canadian Country Music Awards, Prism Prize and many other initiatives. Slaight Music has boosted the careers of such Canadian artists as Theo Tams (who recently passed the 50M streams milestone), Kayla Diamond, Washboard Union, Ryan Langdon, Jillea, Jessica Mitchell and more. In recent years, Slaight, through his Slaight Family Foundation, has focused on humanitarian endeavours. In 2023, Foundation donations included $26.5M to youth mental health initiatives, $2M to MusiCounts and $10M to fight food insecurity. Slaight is a member of the Orders of Canada and Ontario and the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and the recipient of Walt Grealis Special Achievement and Juno Humanitarian Awards. In December he received a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame.